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D1 Sign Sdn. Bhd is one of the most experienced and highly sought signage builder in the region. We are driven by our commitment and responsibility to provide the best services while forging good partnership with all our major suppliers and clients for sustainable growth.

We explore, innovate and work closely with our clients and associates in a wide range of signage development.

Why Choose D1 Sign Acrylic Signage

  • The Acrylic Signage ExpertsOver 15 years of combined signboard & signage industry experience in Malaysia between our Management team, so we do know our stuff. You’re in good hands.
  • Affordable PricingAt D1 Sign, our pricing will be fair and affordable, but never the cheapest. However, that also means that we quote our pricing based on the value that we deliver, NEVER based on how big your office is, or what car you drive
  • Supplier of ChoiceWe are also frequently nominated as the acrylic signage supplier of choice by franchise outlets, corporate brand names as well as professionals alike.
  • Professional ConsultationWe take the time and effort to properly understand your acrylic signage requirements, and advise you accordingly, based on what’s best for you.
  • Quality AssuredWe are committed to delivering quality work and we put the money where our mouth is. That’s the reason why all our standard Malaysia signboard come with a 6 months warranty against manufacturing defects so that you can have peace of mind.
  • Speed of ExecutionTime is money. At D1 Sign, we set the pace in this acrylic signage industry when it comes to responding to your needs and delivering your product so that you’ll have an awesome experience when you do business with us.
  • Equal PartnersWe treat you as equal partners. Your acrylic signage is as important to us as it is to you because it’s a representation of our product, and we take pride in it.
  • Service OrientedWe’ve built a solid reputation for our exceptional level of service. Although at times we might come short of your expectations, we’d like those to be the exception rather than the norm. After all, we’re one of the leading acrylic signage company in Malaysia.
  • In-House ProductionOur acrylic signage team comprises in-house designers, production team and machine operators.

Core products


Acrylic Display Selangor | Acrylic Box Puchong | D1 Sign


D1 sign is one of the Acrylic Display Selangor. Every business needs effective marketing and a presentable display of the products or the brand because it creates a sense of connectivity and curiosity in customers. You have to design your brand name in a way that depicts exotic vibes if you want to captivate the customers to your brand and want them to buy your product or services.

The most effective way is to get a stunning display of your brand name on materials like acrylic. Many brands use Acrylic Display Selangor to glam up the appearance of their brand. It features water-resistant, sturdy and long-lasting qualities, that’s why people prefer it. Moreover, it also offers a variety of different colours and shades to choose from.
Acrylic Display Selangor are an inexpensive, easy to clean and lightweight material that you can select to display your products.

D1 Sign is the best one to provide you with top-quality Acrylic Display Selangor signage in an affordable price range. We will not compromise on the quality of the products and make sure that you are getting top-notch products. Our professional experts are experienced enough to understand your vision behind the acrylic signage requirements, and they will offer their expert consultation if you want. All of the machine operators, designers and skilled staff are professional. We assure you that we will provide quality acrylic displays to attract potential customers to your brand effortlessly.

We use state of the art machinery and the latest technology to work on your project.

In a nutshell, we offer complete customisation and utilisation of top quality material to make your display signage at an affordable price range. Plus, we assure you of safe and secure shipment of the product. Now you can promote your brand in the most effective way.

Visit our official website here to understand more about acrylic display benefits.

Acrylic boxes not only store delicate jewellery items or makeup products. But they are an essential source of making the products presentable to the customers. By getting the top quality acrylic boxes, you can enhance the appearance of your products and engage potential buyers in your brand. D1 Sign has 15 years of experience and the manufacturing and design of Acrylic Box Puchong. We create our products from top-notch material and utilise all of the state-of-the-art designing techniques. Because of our professional approach to make your vision into reality, we are becoming widely famous. Our professionals and experts have all the necessary skills, and we process that they will use on your project.

Our in-house staff increases the productivity of the company and provides products to the customers. We are sure of the quality of Acrylic Box Puchong so you can creatively display and store your products. These boxes are lightweight and transparent, so the customers can easily see what they are buying. Plus, the robust material makes it last and highly durable.

Our designers carry out every project with high precision and perfectionism to deliver the exact design of the Acrylic Box Puchong you have ordered on the website. We also offer professional consultation to the customers if they demand. In short, we are the best combination of creativity,
professionalism. Therefore, we timely execute every project to deliver them to your doorstep in the promised time frame.

You can visit the website here and browse the services or products that we are providing and select the one you want for your brand or the company. Get ready to elevate the sales of your products and create a loyal customer base instantly.

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